Thursday, December 23, 2010

September 28, 2010: Griffin and the School Board Flag Ceremony

The Alpine District school board rotates its meetings throughout the district (which is from the Point of the Mountain to Provo, Highland to Saratoga Springs) so that each neighborhood gets a chance to attend a meeting close to them. This time, it was Westmore's turn to host. Part of the meeting is a flag ceremony and pledge of allegiance. Barry Beckstrand, the principal, approached the PTA president and I to ask if we knew of a local cub scout troop that would be willing to participate. We suggested our ward's troop which also included another ward in the neighborhood. So Cherise, who is the Webelos leader for this combined group, got her boys together to work on doing the flag ceremony. Three of the four boys who participated are special needs kids: two have Asperger's and one is mentally disabled from abuse received as a young child. I was hoping that the board would appreciate just how special this group truly was. I also wondered who would be the one to address the audience.

They did such a great job. Griffin was saluting the wrong flag, but did so with such pride and respect that no one bothered correcting him.

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