Thursday, December 23, 2010

November 21, 2010: It's Going to Be a LONG Night

We try so hard to keep Griffin healthy, because inevitably, it will trigger his asthma. But there was a wicked virus going around the school, which led to it becoming part of our family for a while, the whole Thanksgiving break plus a few days.

We had a lot of rough nights, and a friend who was able to lend us her pulse oximeter so we could stay on top of things. We had a couple visits to the doctor where he digressed from just asthma to bronchitis bordering on pneumonia. Fortunately, we made it through without any trips to the hospital.

When I posted an ongoing update of his status on Facebook, his preschool teacher, Miss Cathy (Petersen) commented back, "May the force be with him!" He is so well known and loved.

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