Thursday, December 23, 2010

September 14, 2010: It's the Final Cat Walk! (that I'm in charge of)

With the start of school, it was time for the annual Cat Walk fundraiser at the elementary school. I had agreed last year to take it on again, so I was obligated to make good on that promise. Of course, it wasn't without its share of challenges. Our usual location, the park behind the school, was not available, so we were scrambling to measure out a new "track." But then, thanks to the connections of our PTA president, we were given the go-ahead for the park. And then, it was hot. SOOO hot! Worried about the kids, we got permission to hook up a hose and provide a "cooling station" for the kids. Even though they were a bit damp when they went back into class, the water was their favorite part.

I always think I can handle everything. After all, I've lost count of how many Cat Walks I have been in charge of. This year, however, it was just too much on top of everything else I have. There were lots of donations for prizes this year, but the revenue the event has raised has dwindled by 50%. I'm sure this is due to the state of economy, but it just adds another level of stress that I need to put aside. So I let the PTA president know that this was my last one and they would need to find someone new to take it over from now on. Yes, everyone, I said "No."

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