Thursday, December 23, 2010

November 27, 2010: A Belated Birthday

For John's birthday, I wasn't able to get him what I had wanted--and what I thought HE wanted. So a few weeks later, my favorite spa had a special, so I was finally able to get John what he had always wanted: a massage! But even better, it was buy one, get one free, so I got one too! I also scheduled pedicures.

It was the day before the big surprise and he said to me, "I'm okay with whatever it might be, as long as it's not a massage." What??? The whole time we've been married, he has always said that he wanted one. And now, when I finally have this great surprise ready, he said he doesn't want one? I assured him that he would love it and that there was also going to be a pedicure, hoping that would lessen the anxiety.

He was relieved to find that we were in the same room, and that since it was only 30 minutes, they would only work back and shoulders. It was no gen-teel massage. In fact, both of us were pretty sore for a few days. Next was the pedicure, which he really enjoyed. In fact, I think if there's another BOGO on them, we'll go back.

After our spa day, I took him to one of my favorite restaurants: Spark. It was a great way to spend the day.

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