Thursday, December 23, 2010

October 29-November 4, 2010: A Visit from Kirsty and Layla

Layla Jean had surgery last week to begin the reparations for her spina bifida. In order for her to recover before she could return home, she needed a place where it was relatively quiet (for both mother and daughter). So we moved Ellie out of her room and into Maggie's and Layla and Kirsty into her room. It seemed to go smoothly with only one unexpected trip back to PCMC, but I think I gained five pounds or so with our nightly visits to the local fave, The Chocolate. It provided some respite and relief for Kirsty and just that solace of, well, chocolate. She will be back in early December to check on everything, so I'm sure we'll be heading back for some more R&R. I better go on a diet before she comes back :-)

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