Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 22, 2010: A GNO to the Mt. Timpanogos Temple

For those of you who don't know what "GNO" is, it stands for Girl's Night Out. When Ellie turned 12 in March, she got her temple recommend. But when it was our ward's turn to do baptisms, she was unable to go. I had promised her that we would find another time to go, especially since we had the whole summer ahead of us. Summer came and went, school started, schedules got even busier, and I still had never taken her to the temple.

When we were in the waiting room at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, I called the temple to ask them about their schedules for baptisms--and we went ahead and planned on going that Wednesday because we didn't have mutual that night. When Wednesday came, we invited Maggie to go with us so she could support Ellie for her first time.

Arlan Greening, a former member of our ward, was working the baptistry recommend desk. He couldn't believe how old the girls had gotten and was so supportive of Ellie. We visited while the girls got changed. The crowds hadn't come yet, so it was quite empty. I sat with Ellie at the side of the baptistry while Mags did her list of ten. And then it was Ellie's turn. What a special night this was! I found some quiet to read the scriptures and just enjoy the quiet. The girls came out and we left in almost 30 minutes!

Since things had gone so quickly, we decided to stop at The Chocolate for a treat. It was a great night with just the girls, doing good things. I hope we have many of these to come.

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