Thursday, December 23, 2010

October 13, 2010: The Chilean Miner Rescue

When I was a little girl, I remember clear as yesterday (which may not be the best saying for me any more as I don't usually remember what I ate yesterday) sitting with my mom in the living room watching the rescue of Baby Jessica (McClure) on CNN. That was October 14-16, 1987. It seems to me that it was the first big national event that CNN covered 24/7.* I remember crying when she was brought up, so relieved to hear that she was alive.

Today, the last of the 33 miners in Chili was brought up after spending 10 weeks underground. What a miracle! As each one was brought up, their family was waiting there to greet them. They had to put sunglasses on them so their eyes would be protected. Then, after being hugged and kissed, they were taken to the hospital. It was one of those moments where you grabbed each of your kids to give them an extra tight, extra long hug.

*"CNN, then a fledgling cable news outlet, was on the scene with around-the-clock coverage of the rescue effort and it was in part due to this coverage that they were able to begin carving a niche out for themselves in the global media market. This massive media saturation of the ordeal prompted then-President Ronald Reagan to state that "everybody in America became godfathers and godmothers of Jessica while this was going on." (Wikipedia)

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