Thursday, December 23, 2010

October 9, 2010: A Bakugan Birthday

Griffin is WAY into Bakugan. This is something that combines attributes from Transformers and Pokemon (I think) where you have this object that looks like a ball and when it comes the magnet in it comes in contact with metal, it springs open. It also comes with cards that explain the powers, points, etc. in case you use them to "battle." So this year he wanted a Bakugan birthday. There was no mention of Star Wars or Legos. He also wanted a Bakugan cake. I was just going to do a layered cake and put the Bakugan Fire symbol on the top; I went to my "go to" cake decorator, Cherise, simply to ask her advice. And then, the cake was hers to do. And this is what she produced:

Well, needless to say, it's better than what I had planned! The kids who came to the party were blown away (as was every single person who saw it).

Since it was so lovely outside, they spent a lot of time playing outside rather than inside (always a good thing). The kids brought their Bakugan and played, shared, traded, and discussed. Of course, all of this was foreign to me. We had cake and ice cream. We opened presents. And then they went back outside and played some more.

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