Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 11, 2010: The Ward Christmas Party

This is it! The day the ward waits for! The annual Christmas breakfast. Last night we brought pizzas and joined the Prestons (along with a few others) to set up all the tables and chairs. Decorations were minimal (which I always like) since each organization was providing a tree that represented themselves. (I alluded to that in an earlier post.) The Laurels had said that they wanted to do a tree similar to YW in Excellence and do four ornaments each that represented them. Unfortunately, only one of them did. So I provided a snowflake ornament with a picture of each one of them, added a few balls, the tutu skirts from camp, and lights and decided it was a good object lesson that we would talk about in class the next week.

I tried a new recipe from The Pioneer Woman (thank you, Megan Clawson, for introducing me to her website--although my waistline doesn't appreciate it) for the breakfast casserole. It wasn't too shabby; nothing of hers is. We signed all the letters to the missionaries, enjoyed a short program, and cleaned up! I brought my tree home and Griffin changed it from a Laurels tree into a Bakugan tree and took it downstairs.

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