Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 9, 2010: The Next Westmore Production Auditions!

With the huge success of last spring's musical, Annie Jr., it was time to decide what would be the next production. There was an even greater interest so it would need to be something that could handle a big cast. The decision was made to put on the play "Peter Pan." Note the word "play" rather than "musical." And since I had been asked to be the musical director, I felt that maybe my job was about to become a lot easier. I am in charge of the background music (which means recording it for a soundtrack) and the foley artist. I'm kind of excited about that part!

The main reason I agreed to do this was because Griffin wanted to be part of the play this year. So here it was, time for auditions, and Griffin decided he couldn't go through with it. Mrs. Draper said that he could be on the "crew" with her, so he's happy as a lark now.

Rehearsals start in January so I will be spending time over the Christmas break working on music and transitions. We'll see how it goes!

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