Thursday, December 23, 2010

October 19, 2010: The Great Juggling Act (Parties and Concerts)

The time of year has come where we seem to need to divide and conquer to attend all of the events that are a part of our children's and families' lives. This week was just such a week. Maggie passed her written test and received her driving permit (yippee!). So we went driving for the first time. I had forgotten how unbelievably stressful that is. It's kind of like childbirth. For the first one, you have no idea just what an ordeal you are in for. And then, after delivery, you say to yourself, "I will never do that again." A few years pass and you think, "Oh, that wasn't so bad. I can do it again." With the first labor pain for child number two, it all comes rushing back to you and you say, "Wait! I remember! I don't want to do it again!" I think teaching a teenager to drive falls into the same category. But after a few tries, we found the right venue for her and seem to have made some progress. Both of us are a little more comfortable now. Fortunate for us, this event usually does not coincide with other scheduled events in our family. It is just one of those things that still needs to happen, but isn't set in stone.

However, Ellie's junior high choir concert and the ward skating party DID happen at the same time. Griffin loves the skating party as he takes his 3-wheeled scooter (named "Scoot" of course) and rides around the skating rink. He also gets to eat all he wants (if he has the patience to wait in line). Ellie also loves the ward party as it is a major social and food event in her life as well. But this year, the two events coincided. So, in order to help Kristen Preston with set up, we went to the rink early, unloaded her car and started the set up (mostly so they could get some dinner), and then I grabbed Karlee and Ellie and took them back to the junior high. The advantage for me was that I was there early enough to get a great front row seat. The downside? No skating party for me.

John really stepped up to the plate--or should I say, onto the floor--and skated with Griffin. I supported Ellie in her first junior high performance. I'd say it was a successful night for everyone involved, but John took a big spill on the rink and paid for it for the remainder of the week. I guess there's no gain without pain.

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