Thursday, December 23, 2010

October 28, 2010: Our VERY Last Pack Meeting

This is the entry I am most sad about misplacing the photos. Griffin earned his Arrow of Light and crossed over to 11-year-old scouts tonight. He is no longer a cub scout. He almost earned all 20 of the activity badges, but just couldn't complete the swimming badge. Heck, I'm impressed that he'll put his face in the water these days and will attempt to do some sort of stroke. It's HUGE progress from where we were not too long ago.

He has had such amazing leaders throughout his scouting career: Kimberly Clark in Wolves, Judy Allen in Bears, and Cherise Elliott as a Webelo. I am so grateful for their patience, kindness and understanding. He has loved his leaders and his experience.

Griffin's friend and packmate, Andrew Johnson, also crossed over. The Webelos had an "epic battle" as part of their send-off at their last weekly meeting. Cherise, fortunately, took pictures of that, so I'm including those.

Our first pack meeting was in 1998, when Ian turned 8 years old. Twelve years later, we say farewell to the cub scouting program.

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