Thursday, December 23, 2010

August 28, 2010: The Stake Extravaganza Welcomes the Princesses!

Each year, our ward puts on what is called a "Ward Extravaganza." Basically, it's a ward party that signifies the end of the summer. This year, however, our stake wanted to do something to include everyone in the neighborhood as a fellowshipping and missionary opportunity. My camp director, Kristen Preston, is also the ward activities chair and was assigned the task of "entertainment" while she was at camp, so we decided to jump in and help since it was kind of our fault that she couldn't pick what would have worked for her.

She has a friend who has nearly authentic costumes for all the Disney princesses. We took several of the young women and turned a part of the park into a photo op for little girls (or whomever!) who wanted to be with a princess. Ellie was Alice in Wonderland and Maggie was Snow White. I also lent my wedding gown so one of the girls could be Giselle from "Enchanted." It was a hit! After the crowd finished coming our way, the girls walked through the park. It was such a hit!

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