Saturday, August 21, 2010

May through July: Devastation, Otherwise Known as Ellie Embraces the World of Softball

This spring, Ellie decided she wanted to learn how to play softball. She had thrown the ball a couple of times with her cousin, Sydney Roden, and she said that she was pretty good. Also going for her? She's a lefty. So, we went to sign up and found that her elementary team was already full; but Orem Elementary still had a spot left, so Orem Elementary it was! When practices started in May, we were surprised to find out that the majority of girls on this team had been playing together for years; Ellie was one of the newbies. I can't imagine how intimidated she must have felt. The upside? The coach's daughter was the pitcher and could through a 50 mph ball!

After a few practices, the games started. The weather went from freezing to burning to windy-ing!

They named their team "Devastation" and that's pretty much what they were. I was able to make it to every game but 1--and that was one they lost. I came at the very end, and you can tell my the look on Ellie's face that she wasn't any too happy about it.

She usually played in the outfield, but near the end of the season they tried her at catcher and pitcher. I think being pitcher was humbling for her, but she did really well at catcher because she could throw hard and accurately.

In the end, they won their division and the tournament! Ellie was able to learn some great skills, gain some confidence, and make good friends that she would later meet up with in junior high.

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