Saturday, August 21, 2010

August 7, 2010: Peddler's Village in the Summer

You may recall (or not) that the last time we went to Pennsylvania, it was in the fall. When we visited last time, Peddler's Village had been transformed into a Scarecrow Festival. This time, it was the height of summer and it was quite beautiful. I wanted to make sure to include some of the beautiful gardens they have, as well as include some pictures of the beautiful flowers in MY garden (aka, my children).

Getting Griffin to pose for an artsy shot is a bit tricky.

After some time outside, we went to Giggleberry Fair so the kids could take some time in the play area while Maggie and I did some more "looking around." Grandma Hopkins was kind enough to provide tickets for the carousel as well.

Part of the day's activities included dinner from Nat's Pizza. Our favorite? The Stromboli! This one is half cheese and half pepperoni. Each slice is a meal itself, so a whole pizza is like 3 days of food!

And you can't go to Nat's and NOT get a cheese steak, so we had a few of those as well.

Italian Ice and Cannoli

One of my splurge purchases was my own Philly Phanatic. I'd been looking online for one and they were kind of spendy, but was able to find one on sale in one of the shops at Peddler's Village. He sits proudly on my dresser.

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