Saturday, August 21, 2010

April 30, 2010: Sixth Grade Etiquette Dinner

Let me start this post by saying that initially, the title would have read, "April 30: Sixth Grade Etiquette Dinner, Cat Walk, and Carnival." Luckily for me, the weather chose NOT to cooperate, so it was just the etiquette dinner for the day. I'm so grateful because I was exhausted just after the one event. I would have spontaneously combusted or melted into a puddle had we done the other two things!

Because my time was so stretched between the other two events, I had said that I would help with just a few things: the invitations, the menu/programs, and the table decorations.

So here are the tables:

And here they are at their tables.

I also seemed to have a hand in the entertainment portion of the dinner which entailed HOURS of prep work. Kristen Preston was gracious enough to recommend her sister in law to sing since our ballroom dancers fell through, and Jen was willing to do it! That was followed by a 10 minute slide show on their service project with the Kuesters, and then revealing to them what they were going to do for their dance festival. After all, the sixth grade always does some fabulous dance number and this would be the grand-daddy of them all! My nephew, Ben Roden, was kind enough to do some editing of a youtube video as well as the song, Thriller, so we could show them "The Evolution of Westmore Dance" which would include ALL of the dances they had done at Westmore and would end with Thriller. (Mind you, this idea was in full swing before Michael Jackson passed away, so we didn't even mean for it to be a tribute.) It would be an 8-minute long musical number and they were very excited.
The dinner was great and they all looked fab since they were in Sunday dress. They had had a few etiquette lessons taught by Terri Hatch and this was there chance to try them out. I was impressed with everything, including the number of parent volunteers who were willing to help set up and serve. I think they all had a great time, although walking to the church and back in the rain wasn't their idea of a great experience. And it was that rain that cancelled the Cat Walk and Carnival. None of the water was shed from MY eyes.

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