Saturday, August 21, 2010

May 14-15, 2010: Westmore Elementary proudly presents: Annie Jr!

The second semester at Westmore Elementary was taken up with rehearsals for Westmore's first MAJOR production, Annie Jr. Auditions were held early and were pretty darn intense! Two days later, the cast list was posted after the first practice--and the part that Ellie wanted was left blank, along with two others: Annie, Grace, and Pepper. And there were three girls without parts: Ellie was one of them. Those casting the parts needed some more deliberation--and it spread through the weekend. Talk about tension in the air! That was a LONG five days. In the end, Ellie was given the part of Grace, Daddy Warbucks' personal assistant, most particularly because she was a sixth grader and could pull off the older role. The principal, Mr. Beckstrand, agreed to shave his head and be Daddy Warbucks.

We spent months in rehearsals and before I knew it, I was assisting with the music and taking the publicity shots, doing the program, etc. You know how it goes with me. In for a penny, in for a pound. Maggie came to almost every rehearsal as well, and fortunately Griffin either had scouts or another club to tide him through. By mid-April, we were there three times a week up to three hours at a time.

The performances were excellent aside from Ellie's wireless mic which tended to not work a lot of the time. The auditorium sold out both shows and the community "reviews" were great. I took hundreds of pictures and had to narrow it down so it was manageable.


Publicity Shots

Getting Hair and Make-Up Done

The Show Begins!
Meeting Miss Hannigan and Annie

I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here!

Meeting Oliver Warbucks, The BILLIONAIRE!


The Adoption Process Begins

The Hunt Begins for Annie's Real Parents

On the Radio with Bert Healey

Meeting "Ralph and Shirley Mudge"

Christmas Morning

Curtain Call

Recognition for All Involved

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