Saturday, August 21, 2010

May 31, 2010: Memorial Day at Trafalga

Griffin was lucky enough to win the grand prize for the Cat Walk this year, the Unlimited Family Pass to Trafalga. We decided to spend Memorial Day there since we all had the day off--and school was out! Unfortunately, everyone else had the same idea so it was MORE than a little crowded.

John put the kids to work in the morning, cleaning up the backyard with Trafalga as the incentive.

We decided to do all the activities we could, so enjoyed the 3-D rides they have and then headed for the batting cages. Ellie had recently joined a city softball league and this was a great chance for her to get some practice in.

After we finished the pitches, we did the slick track cars (of which I have no pictures). Then it was time for the arcade.

And finally, mini golf. Our family really plays by no rules. Just keep hitting the ball until it goes in.

Earlier at the batting cages, Griffin got socked in the throat with a ball. Boy, he was not only hurt, but madder than Hades! I think he spent a good five minutes screaming at the top of his lungs how much he hated softball and never wanted to have anything to do with it again. This is the result of that hit. We were just so grateful that it wasn't a little higher and more centered.

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