Saturday, August 21, 2010

May 21, 2010: Junior Prom

While we were at Maggie's dance performance, a sign dropped down from the rafters in between dances asking "Maggie: Prom? Kamerin." We were in the front row and I looked at John and said, "Do you think that's OUR Maggie?" Turns out, it was. Kamerin was a senior techy and took this opportunity to ask. Since we were there, she even brought him to us and introduced him.

He had noticed that she always kicks her shoes off at dances so ordered custom Converse sneakers with "PROM 2010" on the side for her to wear. Unfortunately, on the day of the prom, the store gave them to someone else, so 30 minutes before he was supposed to pick her up, we were running to Payless at the Mall to pick something up.

For their day date, they went up to Boondocks in Draper and spent the day playing. After a long day there, they came home, got ready (where we ran to the mall), and then went BACK up to downtown Salt Lake to go to the Rodizio Grill. Mags said they didn't even make it to the Prom until 10:30!

This picture shows that the flowers matched perfectly, even though I made the boutonniere without having any idea what he was doing. Pretty great!

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leila said...

her dress is so cute!!