Saturday, August 21, 2010

July 2, 2010: Scera Park Colonial Village

As part of the Independence Day celebration in Orem, the Scera Park put together a colonial village and historical dramatic production. We decided to go after spending some time in our local library. I wasn't able to get the kids to sit through the "musical," but they were game for heading over to the other side where there were all sorts of items from colonial times.

On our way to the encampment, we passed a backdrop welcoming immigrants to Ellis Island. I asked the kids to pose in front of it. Griffin took advantage of the fact that there was one of those "binocular" things that you put money in to look through and positioned himself right in front of it, as if he was using it. Ellie pointed to Lady Liberty.

On our way, we passed this cannon. Griffin was disappointed that it wasn't working.

In the encampment, we saw everything from soldiers to blacksmiths to gunsmiths to doctors with costumes and instruments and tools representing the Revolutionary War. Griffin was fascinated with the doctor who was more than happy to demonstrate how they operated back then.

We ended our tour at the gunsmith. Griffin was dying to touch everything, so I told him the only way we would visit that tent was if he would control his hands. He solved the problem by pulling his arms inside his shirt.

Even though it was a hot afternoon, I was glad the kids were willing to go. I remember being little and touring Philadelphia. This was no Philly, but they got lots of good information and could appreciate a little more how easy they have it these days!

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