Saturday, August 21, 2010

August 6, 2010: Wow! Who Knew Fireworks Were SO Loud?

My brother, Chris, has been a pyro fan for a long time. His family regularly drives up to Montreal (an 8-hour drive) several weekends each summer to watch 20-minute firework shows. (Granted, it is the International Championships, so they're pretty cool.)

While we were visiting, he and a crew he works with were in charge of a display for a local town. Since we were family, we were able to get "backstage" which meant, sit in the cornfield a couple hundred feet away from where the shells were set up. While this was VERY cool, I had no idea how LOUD they were when you were so close. I mean, the crew had earplugs in, but for the rest of us folk, we would just watch for the shell to go up and then cover our ears!

It was awesome to feel the power of the shells in your chest as they'd go off--particularly the larger ones. But it was a reminder of just how powerful these things are.

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