Saturday, August 21, 2010

May 25, 2010: Dance Festival and Authors Fair

As I mentioned in the Etiquette Dinner post, I was in charge of the sixth grade dance for the annual elementary school festival. We told them then that we would be doing Thriller after a brief snippet of each of their dances from kindergarten through fifth grade. For the last three weeks of school, I went every afternoon to work with them, and, I must admit, I was worried that it would just be too much. After all, the final number was over 8 minutes long. Fortunately, the dances they had done in the earlier grades were simple so the first 4 minutes were easy. I enlisted the help of Ellie and a couple of her classmates to learn the dance and teach it to their classes.

They did a great job in the end! It really did take a lot of work, enough so that I decided I should already get started working on Griffin's class dance (in 2012!).

Ellie and Karlee Preston
The Chicken Dance

Scoot Scat Groove
Mexican Hat Dance
Cotton Eye Joe
The Haka

After the dance festival is the annual Author's Fair where the parents go into the classrooms and see the stories their students have written throughout the year.

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