Sunday, August 3, 2008

Who Goes to Wal-Mart at Midnight?

Apparently, several hundred fans of the Stephenie Meyer Twilight series. Unfortunately, I was one of them with my friend, Carma. With the release of her fourth book and conclusion to the series, Maggie and I were both anxious to get our hands on it. So Carma and I left home at 11:45 Friday night only to be at the end of an extraordinarily long line that wound through our local Wal-Mart. With 10 or so minutes to wait until they started selling the book, the line ended up going out the door! By 12:30, we had our copies in hand and where she was going to bed because she had to be up extra early to pick her sons up from scout camp, I gave Maggie her copy and started reading my own. I figured by 4:00 a.m., I should probably try to get some sleep. I slept in until 9:30, then picked up the book again. At 8:15 that night, I was finished. John thinks I'm nuts.

My goal was to finish before Sunday since my notorious "I feel so sick" on a Saturday night when Harry Potter 5 was released is well remembered by my family members especially when they came home and I had finished the book but seemed to be feeling miraculously better. Yes, I know it was wrong and I haven't done it since.

There aren't many series that I do read-all-day-a-thons for, and I must admit that it's been a very guilty pleasure. I'm sad that the series has ended, but looking forward to her next book which revists her first from a different point of view. (That gives me another read-a-thon day!)

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