Tuesday, August 19, 2008

90 Day Post-Op

I had my next post-op visit today. I was thinking today was the last one, but there's another one around Thanksgiving. He showed me the x-rays (not the one pictured) and I could see where the bone has begun to form where it was taken out. I was joking with Maggie that I should have said to people when I was tired, "Leave me alone! I'm growing bone here!"

I still can't lift more than 25 pounds, but I'm allowed to start singing again. He said that I shouldn't plan on any solos as it typically takes a while for a singing voice to come back and that most people are okay with that. It may be that my singing voice will have permanently changed; I guess everyone around me will find out on Sunday when I get to sing in Sacrament Meeting again. Maybe some of them will hope that I hadn't been given the go-ahead.

I asked him if there's anything I shouldn't be doing, and he said, "Well, I wouldn't paint a room or anything like that." Oops! I informed him that I'd already done that, and he asked me if it hurt. I assured him that I was fine, as verified by my x-rays. So hopefully by November, I'll be free and clear.

This whole experience really has been miraculous. So many people have helped through my recovery and I'm truly grateful for everything.

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