Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wake Up!

As the coverage went late on NBC last night so they could finish the coverage of the men's team gymnastics, I fould myself barely holding on for the Germans on the last apparatus. But alas, I was able to hold my eyes open long enough to see them win bronze, something that was completely unexpected with the absence of the Hamm brothers. Way to go, guys!
I must admit, the girls and I were selfishly concerned that we might miss some of the coverage tonight due to a Relief Society "bring your daughters" activity where we ate, visited, and put together several hundred humanitarian kits. Fortunately, it timed out to all of our advantages in that it was in between television coverage and felt good to do some service.

It's almost ho-hum to say that Michael Phelps won another couple gold medals, setting new world records, and only has less than an hour to rest before he swims for another in tonight's coverage. He even looked a bit disappointed in his performance in the 200m butterfly as he was declared the winner and owner of a new world record, just taking his swim cap and goggles off and placing them on the side of the pool, not even cracking a smile.

The next big coverage for the evening is the women's team gymnastics competition. I probably shouldn't have taken my melatonin already since there's still two hours to go! You go girls!

Other winners from the US include: G. Miles winning the silver in Equestrian and Glenn Eller winning gold in Men's Double Trap Shooting. And then there are all the swimmers, too many names to list.

As I feel my eyelids growing heavy, I think of one of the famous posters of the 70's:

Hang in there baby!
Only 12 days to go!

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