Monday, August 11, 2008


Every two years, thanks to NBC, I get no sleep for nearly two weeks. With the amazing 24-hour coverage that's provided on six channels as well as online, I become a slave to the athletes and games going on in Beijing. And this year we upgraded one of our DVRs to receive HD service, so not only are the competitions fantastic, but so is our TV picture!

Last night, we gathered around the TV to watch the women's gymnastics and Michael Phelps go for his second gold in the 4x100 freestyle relay. As John and I knelt together upstairs in our evening prayer, we could hear the kids (with the addition of some neighborhood teenagers who learned of our technology upgrade) screaming and cheering throughout the race. (We had paused our TiVo so we wouldn't miss anything.) As we re-started the coverage and watched unbelievably as Jason Lezak caught up to the French team, winning the race and blowing the world record out of the water, I mentioned to John that I thought Maggie had a crush on Michael Phelps. He responded, "Heck, who doesn't? I think I have one as well!" (Really, looking at the picture, he has muscles I didn't even know existed in a human body.)

Way to go to the US Women's Fencing team, sweeping the podium in sabre. Congratulations to Corey Cogdale who won bronze for the USA in the women's trap shooting. And for all those swimmers who have medaled, to quote Dory from Finding Nemo, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!"


Kim Griesemer said...

Aside from the fact that as a missionary, I'm probably not supposed to be watching the Olympics, I can't get any coverage in Ecuador. So keep reporting, Jen--it's my only Olympic contact.

By the way, LOVED the picture.

Hermana G

MommyRohner said...

I have a crush too. Phelps Phan, right here.