Sunday, August 31, 2008

The First Field Trip of the Year

Less than a week into school and I was already on a walking field trip with the fifth grade to the Central Utah Water Conservancy. It's this little "park" for lack of a better word that's probably a mile from our house. I've always driven past it and wanted to stop in, so this was my chance. The whole idea behind this project is to illustrate how you can still landscape beautifully while choosing plants and flowers that use less water. I was intrigued since I seem to choose flowers for the front of my house that can't handle the extreme afternoon heat and have to replace them every year. Now was my chance to figure out what I could use!

So we walked the three fifth-grade classes from the school, across the busy street, and through these gardens while some local BYU or UVU students taught them about how to use our desert resources wisely.

McKenzie Hone, Miranda Call, and Ellie

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