Monday, September 7, 2009

When It's Time for Change, You Have to Rearrange

Last Sunday (August 30), I was set apart as the new YW president in the ward. Due to the new massive responsibility and time commitment that comes not only with the call, but also with the upcoming Joseph production and my current publishing project, I have decided to postpone my return to BYU. Although I started the first class, if I don't complete it by November 1, then my conditional acceptance to the program is rejected and I can reapply at a later time.

The week between when I was called and sustained was brutal. I haven't had panic attacks like that for a long time. As I pondered and studied and learned and read, I was overwhelmed with fear. Now we all know that faith and fear cannot operate at the same time. The nightmares of booing and opposing votes were nightly. The fears of disappointment were rampant in my mind. And then, Sunday came, and it was time. I was shaking so hard I was sure people could see my heart beating out of my chest. We had a teary and moving testimony meeting in our young women class and then I was set apart. As the prayer was said, the nonsensical fears and worries I'd been struggling with fell by the wayside. Although still in shock, I've been able to accept that the Lord must want me here for a reason.

The former YW presidency
Sec: Carma Williams, 2nd C: me, President: MarChelle Oldham, 1st C: Lori Gray

The new YW presidency
Sec: Carma Williams, President: me, 1st C: Marie Gutierrez (one of my former YCLs), 2nd C: Carol Wolfert

I have started a new blog that you are welcome to follow: The Beehive Blog will probably be discontinued unless my counselor wants to keep it up. Otherwise, I've just started one that everyone can post on.

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leila said...

You will be fabulous!!I have no doubts. Leila