Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blackhawk Down

Yesterday after the BYU Football game started, we heard over and over again helicopters flying overhead. Thinking they were maybe part of a security sweep, I didn't even go outside. But they just kept coming and coming. Griffin had a friend over and they went out to "shoot down the invaders." They came down and told us they landed, but we assured them that they just went where they couldn't see them anymore. After probably the tenth time or so, we went out front to watch. The little neighbor boy across the street told us that he went down to the junior high field and watched them land. Feeling like heels of course, we ran back in, grabbed Griffin and his friend and took off for the junior high. We could hear it coming back in as we were running so went as fast as we could to see it land. We made it just in time and then found out from the other people that were coming and going that this was part of the "Point of the Spear" competition through ROTC. Every ten minutes, the blackhawk would land with a new set of soldiers that had completed the games up in the canyon and their reward was being ferried back to UVU by landing at the junior high a block from our house.

Let me tell you. There is something awe-inspiring and a bit frightening seeing this machine coming in so fast and low that takes your breath away. We waited ten minutes for the next round and John took this video. It was a very cool experience.

(Okay, so the video won't load, so here are a few pictures.)

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