Monday, September 14, 2009

As If Ellie Didn't Have Enough on Her Plate... she was diagnosed with Influenza type B, the kind they can't do anything about. She spent the whole night throwing up, finally too exhausted to make it to the bathroom and just grabbing towels to throw up into. At one point, I got up, saw her crawling on the floor and threw a bowl underneath her to catch something. I know it's graphic, but it's just pitiful. With no energy, no fluids left, and a fever, she couldn't even keep down her antibiotics for the infection in her jaw--which is a big problem right now. After her pediatrician consulted with her oral surgeon, they decided that if she could at least keep them down maybe tomorrow, she'd be okay. If not, it will be IV antibiotics and fluids.

The other concern, of course, is Griffin. He doesn't have the strongest immune system and everything seems to go right to his lungs. The pediatrician had me bring back the other kids and lined us all up for flu shots (me too). She also handed us face masks for Griffin to use when he's around her.
This afternoon/evening, a storm came through and cooled things off by probably 30 degrees, leaving all sorts of amazing cloud formations. The little ones went outside under the car porch to "craft and look at the clouds. Ellie is doing better and was able to hold down her fluids so its looking a little better. She'll be out of school (again!) for a few more days, but hopefully by Thursday she'll be back in the classroom.

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leila said...

Oh my gosh!! have you checked your selves for boils(referencing Job?) or in the words of Rosanne Rosanna Danna "if it's not one thing it's anotha" Leila