Monday, September 7, 2009

"O My Father" in Mongolian

When I was back home in July, Mom showed me some of the work that was done translating the hymn "O My Father" into Mongolian. She contacted her friend at the church archives, Matt Heiss, to see if he would be interested in the documents. Since he was, it was arranged that my sister, Terri, and I would bring them to him when she came to Salt Lake in August.

Terri had done some transcription work for the church several years ago and was even able to transcribe the interview Mom and Dad did with Matt after their initial mission to Mongolia. It involved their basic life sketch, conversions to the church, and subsequent service throughout their lives. (I also gather that Terri was instrumental in helping them make the switch to digital recorders as she and Matt discussed their current technology.)

As we presented the materials to Matt, he had us sign the papers turning them over to the church and then showed us the other files they have from our parents that are on the system. Matt and Terri continued to talk about her service in Tinian and their new adventure in South Dakota. (She really is an amazing woman!)

That night, Mom forwarded an email where Matt told her of the visit of her daughter and granddaughter. Now, this is not the first time Terri and I have been mistaken for mother/daughter instead of sisters (there are 13 years between us). I always feel bad when people do that. I don't know if it bothers her as much as me.
So Mom and Dad are once again included in the archives of the church. Their accomplishments speak for themselves.

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