Sunday, September 13, 2009

Homecoming = Maggie's First Date

Last week Mags was asked by her friend, Derek Lamb, to the homecoming dance (her first official date). Maggie and I spent Labor Day afternoon at the mall searching for a dress and shoes. Friday night was the homecoming football game where Mountain View lost to TimpView (not a surprise). On Saturday, they went to Smith's grocery story where they each (there were 8 of them) had $2 to pick up something to contribute to the lunch. They went up Provo canyon and had a picnic at Nunn's Park. A few hours later and after a hairdo and obvious dress change, she was picked up for the dinner and dance.

After they left (with help from John to pin on the boutonniere), John commented that he was a very nice guy. I had run into him and his twin brother with their dad at a grocery store the night before--picking up the supplies to make his boutonniere. (His father is the former lacrosse coach for BYU.) They stopped me and asked if I was Maggie's mom (I was happy I wasn't wearing pajama pants or curlers in my hair) and if she was looking forward to the next night. Maggie has been friends with Derek and Devin for many years, and were not worried about how the evening would go.

They went to the Scera Park in Orem for a pizza picnic with Italian sodas and played on the swings. The dance was held at the UVU ballroom and she was home around 11:30. When I talked to her this morning, she said she had a great time.

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