Monday, September 21, 2009

The Mission Call Process

An email from the Stake President:

Ian, I promised to give you an update on the status of your mission call. This morning the system shows your application as "Ready for Assignment." From a timing standpoint that means they will make the assignment this Thursday/Friday, and you will most likely receive it in the mail NEXT week.

We're very proud of you Ian. You are an exemplary young man and will be a great missionary!!

Pres. Wolfert

Here is the current list of mission call guesses:
Mandy Rohner Cincinatti, OH (Spanish speaking)
Leila Scurr: Philadelphia or Canada (French speaking)
Stacey Pannell: Philadelphia
Liisa Roden: Australia
Candace Berquist: Carlsbad, CA
Terri Hatch: Nova Scotia
Cindy Bouwhuis: Tokyo Japan
Grant Hopkins: Texas
Lisa Hagen: Philippines
Catherine Peterson: Denmark
Mom: Mongolia
Dad: Peru
Michael Clawson: Brazil
Jaime Clawson: Norway/Sweden/Austria or Australia
Isaac Clawson: High school (since he’s still too young)
Kim Griesemer: Ecuador
Luke Allen: Idaho
Carma Williams: Honduras
Cherise Elliott: India
Pat/Malcolm: Pocatello, ID
Mary Asplund: Domincan Republic or London
Stan Allman: He’s old enough to go on a mission? Crazy!
Megan Clawson: New Orleans, LA

So we're hoping that in 10 days we'll have the answer.

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