Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mission Call Update

On Saturday, President Wolfert informed Ian that his call status has been changed to, "Call Selected and Mailed." So this week is the week!

Griffin brought me a globe after dinner today and told me that he knew where he was going to serve his mission. He pointed to the Atlantic Ocean and said, "right here." I told him I couldn't see because his finger was covering it. He said, "No mom, right here." I again said I couldn't see anything because he was blocking it. The third time's the charm. "Mom, right here!" He is going to serve on the "A" that labels the Atlantic Ocean. I haven't heard that the "A" hasn't been opened to the gospel, so I hope he finds someone to teach there! Gotta love that boy.

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leila said...

Anxiously stalking your blog to hear the news. Have a great week.!! Leila