Monday, May 11, 2009

Time to Change the Channel

I thought I'd take advantage of the early morning to catch up (again) on Tivo shows. Last week was the premiere of the new Bravo version of Project Runway, The Fashion Show. Figuring that Griffin was still a bit groggy when he came in and got in bed with me, I continued watching. I was sure the material was boring enough that he would go back to sleep.

As part of the judging on the show, the designers have to produce a runway show, highlighting their pieces. Then they are critiqued. Typical industry words are thrown around, none of which seemed interesting to me; but then, I hear a little voice say, "What does 'slutty' mean?" followed by "What does 'innocently sexy' mean?" Maggie started laughing and trying to come up with elementary-school friendly definitions. Ian was just standing there as I was trying to shoo them off and said, "I'm not leaving now. I didn't have this talk when I was his age so I want to hear what you're going to say." Maggie's solution was the best: I guess it's time to turn it off when Griffin's here. As he felt inclined to share there was no Santa Claus with his class, I can just imagine him going up to his friend, Christina, and saying casually, "You look innocently sexy today." Can you even see the principal making that phone call home?

And for the record, we defined "slutty" as "looking not nice, and something you should never say" and "innocently sexy" as "someone who looks nice, but you should never say that either." He accepted those and said, "So 'slutty' is like a bad word and instead of 'innocently sexy' you should say 'you look nice.'" He also somehow incorporated the cartoon Fairly Odd Parents where in an episode there's apparently a character who walks around singing, "I'm too sexy for my sexy." (Maggie was the one who followed and described the reference to me as I was blown away that the cartoon somehow involved the word "sexy.") I guess if we can turn a conversation from The Fashion Show into Fairly Odd Parents, we can say, "mission accomplished."

Chris Griesemer's "Give me sexy, Griffin" pose (The Colliseum, June 2008)

Ian's sexy pose, Mother's Day 2009

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