Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Annual Father and Sons Campout (and the associated Girls' Night Out)

This weekend was the ward F&S campout. It always seems like so much work (loading up, setting up the tent, cooking food, etc.) for a little more than a 12-hour event. John and the boys left at about 5:30 to go to a campsite 15 minutes away. After 30 minutes of setting up camp, they all kind of went their separate ways for a bit. The little ones did some climbing of the nearby hills--nearly starting a small avalanche with the rocks that surrounded them.

The young men, never much for sitting still, started playing football.

And the gathering of the dads for the lighting of the fire commenced. One of the dads spent about an hour trying to get it going. Another stepped in (our neighbor) and had it going within 10 minutes. I guess I know who we should have in our wagon train back to Missouri!
Griffin continued to play and ended up "under arrest."

A former home teacher also made Griffin a bow and then he set off to find the arrows.

One of the things Griffin learned about this time was the joy of cooking around a campfire--and the smoke following you. They cooked their hot dogs (followed by s'mores) and John commented that the location between the pit and the restrooms allowed for the wafting odors to impede on the enjoyment--and taste--of their dinner. Mmmm.

They were all in their sleeping bags by 10:45, covered by the newly made magic blanket for that extra layer of warmth. In the morning, Ian snapped this picture.

With the sunrise came the call for breakfast. It was under the pavillion (I think it's pretty cool looking!)
They were home by about 9, smelling all campfire-y. In agreement that they all had a good time, I'd say it was the most successful overnighter yet (and Ian's last before his mission)!

As for the girls in the family, Ellie had a late night at her friends' house followed by a sleepover at another house. Maggie babysat my friend's granddaughter, Sarah, who is one of the most adorable little girls ever, while Carma and Cherise and I went out to eat at Iggy's Sports Bar & Grill. I got to watch Dwight Howard (Superman from the NBA Slam Dunk contest and one handsome man) of the Magic play the Celtics. It wasn't the quietest place for dinner, but it was good food. We took Cherise home, dropped Mags off at home (who enjoyed a quiet house and watching all sorts of medical drama shows while eating a chicken caesar salad I brought home for her) while Carma and I went and saw
We were torn on whether or not to go see the new Star Trek movie (which Ian and Mags saw the night before and RAVED about) or Wolverine. Hugh Jackman won out. I got home to find Mags snuggled in my bed and happy to have had a quiet night at home. I'd say it was a great night for everyone!

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Kirsty Michaelis said...

Sounds like everyone had a great weekend! I am dying to see both movies so let me know which one is better. We are planning our trip up to Bear Lake in July so I will let you know when we will be dropping by. Maybe we can crash at your house instead of in Kaysville.