Sunday, May 24, 2009

Maggie's Year-End Woods Project

As the school year started, Maggie needed to make a change in her schedule to accomodate, well, let's just say a "personality conflict." Since the school year had already started and schedules were established, the number of elective classes available were slim. She chose "Woods." After a semester of frustration with the teacher and some of the other students, she brought home her finished product. I think when I had woods, I made a simple box or something so unimpressive that I don't even remember!


Kim Griesemer said...

That is a beautiful piece of furniture. You are a real artist, Mags.


leila said...

Fabulous Maggie!!Love Leila

Kirsty Michaelis said...

Very impressive! It looks professional...she should talk to Seth.

MaRgArEt MaE said...

haha have no idea how many mess ups went into that. i have yet to beat seth