Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

After John and I went to the movie yesterday, we decided to have dinner at Magelby's. It was delicious and relatively quiet and I decided to count it as my special Mother's day meal.

I know that Mother's Day with early morning church is no different than any other Sunday. Griffin mentioned to me right before we left for church that I should still be in bed. I asked why and he replied, "So we can give you breakfast in bed!" I told him that it was time to go and so I might have to have dinner in bed instead. (As I'm typing this, I'll add that I ate lunch/dinner at the kitchen table with everyone else. I also made ebelskivers for the first time--filled with Nutella or strawberries.) I did, however, receive some lovely homemade cards from Ellie and Griffin. Here is Griffin's cover (where I apparently lead him through the maze of "madnus" [madness] to "love"):
and letter (he recently learned the word "literally" [lidrly] and uses it quite regularly these days):
On my way home from church, it occurred to me that what I wanted more than anything else was photographs with my kids. We did a few in our Sunday clothes and then changed and took some more entertaining and casual pix. I've included my favorites at the end.

As I sat in Young Women's today and the advisor asked how best we can honor our parents, I thought to myself, "By remembering your name and who you represent." I hope that I have represented my parents well. They continue to teach me with each new experience. Isn't it amazing that although you think you only have 18 years to learn everything you need, you continue to learn from their wisdom and example for the rest of your life. It's interesting to me that this is another principle that is eternal: don't I take His name upon me and remember Him in all that I do? Do I represent Him well? I sure hope so!


leila said...

Those pictures are great. You will always treasure them. Who took them and on what camera? Happy Mother's Day

Jennifer Asplund said...

We used two different cameras. The first was a Nikon CoolPix P80, our newest. I've always been frustrated with the digital zooms of cameras as once you cross into zoom, the picture quality drops drastically. The P80 has an optical zoom of 18x which is 6 times better than most digitals. Once my battery died, we used Maggie's new camera, a Kodak EasyShare 10MP (don't know the model number). It takes great pix, but has that same horrible zoom. My everyday camera is a regular Nikon CoolPix and I love it. The P80 is just too big to fit in my purse, but it takes great pictures!The kids were the ones who took the pictures, except for the formal family ones which John took with the help of a tripod--and timer when he was in the shot. I do think it's the best Mother's Day gift ever!