Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Neighbor, Gus

For a little while, our neighbors, Jenny and Clint had a chocolate lab. Then, this pretty little tabby cat showed up after the lab was gone. Now, I am not a cat lover. Never have been. To me, cats are just mean and snooty. Gus, on the other hand, is very friendly and enjoys company (still, though, only when he wants it).

Since John and I stayed home from church today to try and recuperate from these colds, we decided to keep Griffin with us. By 5 this evening, he was really antsy and wanted to go on a walk. No one wanted to go with him, but I conceded to sit outside with him. He broke out the sidewalk chalk and started doodling away. He started with drawing the world.

He then moved on to a portrait of Gus.
Then Gus decided to join in the fun.

But then, he was sidetracked by a nearby pine cone.

And finally, wanted to find a place to sharpen his claws.

Thanks for being our friend, Gus.

1 comment:

Kim Griesemer said...

It looks like Gus and Griffin have a lot in common.

Love your blog. Love you.