Sunday, May 10, 2009

Duty to God

This morning in Sacrament Meeting, Ian--along with Mark, Seth, Bridger, Chris, and Luke--received his Duty to God. The bishop pointed out that all (except for his son who promised he would finish it in the next eight days) were also Eagle Scouts. These are all the graduating senior young men, shy one, and it was great to see them all up there on the stand. Within the next few weeks, these young men will receive the Melchizedek Priesthood, graduate from seminary, graduate from high school, and enter the work force or mission field. I was the den mother of these same young men ten years ago and now they are reaching the age when they could serve in that same capacity. I never realized how fast the years were going until this morning. It's so nice to see them all excel at their respective talents and gifts and yet, they are all so kind to each other and those around them. This graduating group makes up half of the young men's program in our ward and will make an excellent set of missionaries for the Lord to work with.

Lance Williams, Bridger Talbot, Seth Gilbert, Mark Wolfert, Ian, Luke Allen, Kimball Elliott (a junior), Chris Williams

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