Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Since we didn't find our last two caches, I was a little nervous taking the 4-H group out again. It was about 50 degrees outside with 20-30 mph winds, so we had a wind chill in the low 40s. (I had a "Cruella-da-Ville" looking hairdo by the time we returned.) I knew we had a hike ahead of us since we had to make it to UVU and back (up a monster hill) in an hour. My group usually consists of 15 kids, but there were only six that showed up today, and they were all good, fast walkers. So we took off for UVU, about a mile away, and the Wolverine where the microcache was supposed to be located.

The hint had said that it was a microcache and that it was magnetic, so we looked all around the statue, with no luck. We came to the front and looked all around the words. Nothing. Then I started looking in the little tiny holes. Bingo!

It was so small! I couldn't believe that was really it, but we pulled it out, opened it, and found a teeny scroll of paper for a log.

They couldn't believe there could be a cache so small and that we actually found it. I'm so glad we did, because I think if we hadn't, I may not have had any students come back the next week. But our next one is right by Krispy Kreme and I told them if we found it, I'd buy them each a doughnut.

On our way back, we passed this lovely Halloween display. I think it's so clever!

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