Monday, October 20, 2008

Griffin's Cat Walk Prize

We decided to take advantage of the lovely fall evening and use Griffin's prize to Trafalga for Family Home Evening. (Unfortunately, John had to work late and wasn't able to attend, but he's been so terribly sick that I'm sure he was looking forward to bed more than 18 holes of golf.) His prize package included two activities: a round of miniature golf on one of their three courses and either 50 pitches at the batting cages or five minutes on the slick track. Griffin chose the slick track and then the indoor golf course (glow in the dark!).

We all started on the yellow line and waited for him to count down so we could go. I figured being the only LICENSED driver (although Ian did pass his test last week--yippee!), Griffin and I would totally win.

Let me say right now, Ellie is not getting her license until she's at least 18. She lapped Griffin and I four times! Here she is coming up to pass Griffin and I and then passing Ian. She's a little speed demon! (I'm busting out laughing just typing this and remembering her little smile and laugh as she would pass us. I would be laughing every time she would speed by us and could hardly breathe by the time we finished my stomach was so sore from laughing.)

Ian passed us once.

Maggie wins the safe driving award, not passing anyone or running into anything. (For the record, I didn't pass anyone or hit anything either. The kids were under strict orders not to hit me since my surgeon would probably freak out if he knew what I was doing.)

The indoor golf course has been transformed to a glow in the dark, under the sea themed course. It's not conducive to taking pictures with your cell phone (no, no luck finding the camera, although I've offered a $10 reward for its' safe return), but we did our best.

Griffin's T-shirt

Bruce from Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo's Crush

I won the night, over par by 2. Giffin was 23 over, so we brought up the rear. Overall, it was a great night full of fun and family. I'm so glad we made it a family prize this year. It was worth it!

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