Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Everyone Clear the Road!

There's a first for each family and this is the first for ours. Our first driver! And a kids car! John and I spent quite a while looking for the perfect car for the kids: something that was reasonably sized and priced, well, cheap! And here it is. A 1993 Toyota Corolla with 150,000 miles on it. Ian got to drive by himself for the first time this evening when he attended a concert at the local high school. The only stipulations for the car keys are: first, rooms must be clean; second, grades must be acceptable; and third, they have to pay for all gas and maintenance. So Ian spent the afternoon cleaning his room and used his $10 reward to put gas in the car. (He's lucky that it came 2/3 full!) Way to go, Ian, on getting your license. Now, go pick up the kids from school!

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