Sunday, October 12, 2008

Welcome to Italy! (October 10)

Every year or so, our ward has family dinners where a few people volunteer to host and then they are assigned other families to invite and help bring food. This year, we hosted and were given the names of five other families. After contacting them all, only one of them was going to be able to attend. I invited my friend, Carma, since she wasn't able to attend hers the night before because we were running the book fair. We decided to do an Italian dinner since it's a great excuse to have a fantastic meal with tons of calories and share it with friends. My day was scheduled in 15-minute increments with part of the morning being spent cleaning up the book fair, two hours at work, one hour to hit six different stores, an hour to count up all the money and finalize the book fair paperwork, two hours in the classrooms (one in each for Ellie and Griffin), and then back home to cook and clean. We enjoyed caprese, pasta bolognese, Italian sodas, a green salad, bread, and panna cotte. The Gray's brought their daughter, Naomi, and she was intrigued by the Ventian masks.
We asked questions from "Would You Rather?", Carma helped me clean up a bit and I collasped, exhausted, into bed by 10:00. I was so happy for Carma's help since the next day was to be spent prepping for Griffin's birthday party.

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