Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Dreaded Semi-Annual Parent-Teacher Conference (October 8-9)

This week in October is always nuts with the book fair and parent-teacher conferences. On Wednesday, my schedule was bordering on insane (only to be outdone by Friday's schedule). I helped at the book fair in the morning and again a little later in the afternoon, ran home with the little ones around 3:45, took Griffin to scouts at 4 where they were going on a field trip to the fire station, stopped at home to make sure dinner was almost ready, left for the book fair at 5, waited for Ellie and John to come for hers at 5:40, then Griffin's at 6. John would take Griffin to swim lessons at 6:30, and Ian and Mags had mutual at 7.

Ellie's conference was great. It didn't start with, "Well, she's a great girl, but she talks all the time." It was, "She's trying so hard to not talk so much and I'm so proud of her." She's proud of her accomplishments and excited for the year ahead. She does have one of the absolute best teachers in the whole school who was also one of my assistant camp directors for the stake. If I had to fifth grade over again, she's the teacher I'd want to have.

Since Griffin's teacher was running behind, I took the time to speak with her off and on through the night. We've had problems with Griffin running away or hiding during school and it's reached a point where it's almost a daily occurrence. I came up with a plan where, each time he comes in from the afternoon recess (my two best friends are the recess monitors during lunch, so it's never a problem), he earns a punch on a punch card I designed and after he fills it (5 punches), he gets to play a board/video game with me. So far, so good, but I'm hoping it deters the behavior. Otherwise, he's hanging in there. I knew third grade was a huge jump from second. It involves a lot of writing, multiplcation and division. We'll just do the best we can!

Now it's just seeing if I can hold up through the rest of the week.

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