Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Utah Tradition

Each year with the winter comes the inversion, where the smog gets trapped in the valleys, leaving it cold and smoggy underneath and warm and sunny up in the mountains. We're in the thick of one now and have been for some time now, with some relief hopefully coming this weekend with a low pressure system pushing out our monster high. Besides the obvious downsides of dirty air and lots of fog comes difficulty breathing for Griffin. Since we're in a "condition red" stage as far as air pollution goes, he isn't allowed to go outside for recess or spend much time outside. Today he really wanted to walk to cub scouts which is just one street over, so I told him we could as long as he covered his mouth and nose with his jacket.
We took Snowflake with us and got to see some of the unusual patterns found in the snow as it starts slowing melting.
(There's not much moisture left in the snow, so she was less than satisfied when she was eating the snow to quench her thirst.)
The tops of the snow piles are still there, but the undersides have melted leaving no stability. If you touch one of these delicate crystal formations, the whole thing collapses. It's quite amazing.

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