Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Digging Out From the Storm

After spending a good portion of the past two days shovelling, it was nice to have the sun come out and give us a bit of a reprieve. (And I don't care what you might say, Kevan. I know the beach and sunblock beat the shovel! You don't really miss this at all.)

We invested in enough shovels for all the kids and nearly 100 pounds of ice melt just trying to stay on top of things. Snowflake has been loving it, even running after Griffin to "rescue" him when he fell over in the snow. (And as you can tell, Wilbur isn't loving it so much. He's much happier snuggling up with someone.)

In grand total, we had another foot of snow fall on top of the foot-plus we had already received and didn't really go away. It just compacted into solid ice, so you can't even get down to the grass. It just provides a platform for you to stand on.

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