Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mr. Mountain View

I've never seen anything like this. A simple fundraiser for the Drama department is turned into a full-on pageant for a guy from each club in the high school. Ian was chosen to represent the student council back in November. Today was the pageant. They were judged on all sorts of things throughout the past couple of weeks. Here is Ian's talent (air band):

They also had to do an interview portion. Here's Ian's question and answer:

Ian didn't win, but we knew going into this that it was about having fun and not winning. We're proud of you E-Dog!


MommyRohner said...

Um, who is that guy rocking out on stage? That can't be my cousin.

Kim Griesemer said...

WOW! That is not the same Ian Asplund I knew when I left only NINE MONTHS ago! I LOVED your performance, Ian. I think the guy that won must have paid somebody off, because you were amazing!

Aunt Kim