Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ian Goes to Preference

For the first time in his high school career, Ian was asked to preference. He and Riley Payne played board games with a group during the afternoon, then ate Wendy's on fine china with forks and knives, then were off to the dance where they played tag with the others during the slow songs. He got back home around midnight. I was still up having several chapters to typeset for Don Ferruzzi, a professor back in New York. (It's been ten years since we last worked together and he took some time to track me down since he had a deadline to meet and knew I was already familiar with the work.)

He looked so sharp in his tuxedo (courtesy of Men's Wearhouse from Mr. Mountain View) and she is stunning! She was in Maggie's Emergency Services class and I guess is best known for her hate of everything "Twilight" related as well as her fondness for Dora the Explorer. Although she was in charge of the date, Ian made sure to buy her some chocolates and Dora the Explorer band-aids. I made sure to snap a picture (I don't usually get to since Ian's doing the picking up.) I guess it's kind of odd to shoot them in the usual spot in the living room since we have a new picture there (even Ian said, "You want our picture in front of Jesus?"), but at least it keeps them honest, plus its the best lighting in the house.
Glad you had fun!

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