Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wampanoag Indian Invades Westmore! (December 4)

Ellie's teacher, Debbie Draper (also a former assistant camp director to me!), was the recipient of a special honor. Because of her extracurricular summer training activities, she was chosen to have one of Plymouth, Massachusetts' Wampanoag Indians visit with the school.

I went to one of the sessions and saw some totally cool stuff! The picture at the start of this entry is a hairpin that a husband carved out of bone for his wife. (I love that the storks' necks form a heart.) He had all sorts of pelts for the kids to look at and touch. I also thought the tomahawk was amazing! He talked about how they had two homes: one for summer and one for winter (I couldn't believe that even these Indians had a "summer home.") and how they would have to re-bark the winter home every year. Sometimes they had 20 people living in the same one room home. It made me appreciate that at least my house had separate rooms for the six people and two dogs that live here. I don't know that I could handle being in the same room with everyone for six months out of the year. Maybe that's why they spent so much time in the garden--so they could disappear between the corn rows and have some peace and quiet!

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